Gods exist, and they are numerous and pervasive. The greatest of the gods is called The One, for all other gods are pieces of The One.

Below The One are the greater gods, also known as The Eight: Silene, Greater Goddess of the Cosmos, Morum, Greater God of the Earth, Tellia, Greater Goddess of Water, Syneese, Greater Goddess of Air, Krickix, Greater God of Fire, Garruth, Greater God of Life, Zeale, Greater Goddess of the Arcane, and Habeth, Greater God of Time. Together, they created Verden and all the creatures that live upon it.

Below the greater gods are thousands and thousands of lesser gods, also known as The Thousand. For almost any important human concept, a god exists. Thus, humans, Elves, and Dwarves have no end of gods to pray to for aid, and which god they ask for help might be completely different depending on the situation.

The higher up a god is, the more powerful it is, but the less likely it is to listen to human pleas.