Lesser Gods

There are thousands and thousands of Lesser Gods, many of which are undocumented - not even by this humble historian. It is said that if a single person believes in something, no matter how outlandish and obscure, a lesser god is born. The layman is most likely to refer to them as The Thousand, despite the fact that there are far more than 1000 of them.

Unlike The One and the Greater Gods, whose existences are tied to the laws of reality itself and therefore must exist regardless of what people think, the power of these gods seems to be directly related to the number of people who believe in and worship the god's aspect. This creates a sort of symbiotic relationship between the gods and their followers. A god with only one follower might be nothing but a faint force, so weak that it cannot even think or speak, whereas gods with millions of followers can rival the power even of the Greater Gods.

Due to the overwhelming (and unknown) number of Lesser Gods, only a few of the most powerful or interesting of them are listed here.

The Three Faced God, god of ambiguity and duality
Mortem y Vitae, goddess of death
Ila, goddess of rebirth and retribution
Mozmera, goddess of medicine and renewal
Kandorash, god of the desert
Nahk, god of freedom, unfettering, and openings