The One

The Progenitor God
Symbol: A perfect circle, usually glowing.
Worshipers: The One's Chosen, or The Chosen
Saintly Markers: A halo, glowing skin, circular tattoo on the forehead
Common Areas of Influence: Any
Traits: grand, cryptic, distracted, terse, benevolent

The One is as mysterious as The One is grand and powerful. Before there was anything, there was The One. The One sought to create, and therefore spoke the words of creation. These phrases created each of the Greater Gods, who in turn set about executing The One's vision - reality itself. It is said that The One was the architect of all creation, whereas the Greater Gods were the builders.*

The One's worshipers are called The One's Chosen, or simply "the Chosen" most of the time. The One is a mostly benevolent god who rules all other gods. The One has no gender, always referred to as The One and never by a pronoun. The One is depicted in paintings and in person as a perfect glowing circle, representing all the cycles of life and the universe.

The One has been unusually silent for several decades, and nobody knows why.

*interestingly enough, I have found through my research, that some of the Lesser Gods claim that this is not true. They don't dispute that The One is most powerful of the Gods, but they maintain that each god creates itself when there is a need. Whatever a "need" is, I am not certain.

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