Greater Goddess of the Arcane
Symbol: An octagon within a circle
Worshipers: The Sect of the Arcane
Saintly Markers: Octagonal scars, a mantle of haze, physical flickering from visibility
Common Areas of Influence: Magic, secrets, whispers
Traits: Wise, selfish, secretive, cryptic
Empowered Species: Humans

Zeale was the seventh Greater God created and therefore the seventh builder of reality. When she came into being, the other Greater Gods had already created enough that reality was able to run itself. However, the humanoids weren't much more than the beasts they mastered, unable to strive for greater things. So, Zeale created a connection to the gods: magic, so that the world could change itself. Shie was especially worshipped by sorcerers and The Melokai of Vale, but in the current day her worship is small due to magic being outlawed. The greatest sorcerers of the Melokai were said to usually be priests of Zeale.

Mysteriously, Zeale hasn't been seen or heard from in decades.