Naiads are the mythological empowered species of Tellia, the Greater Goddess of Water. They are watery humanoids that are equally as common as dwarves or elves but tend to ignore the affairs of others, instead choosing to live deep under oceans and lakes. Any healthy body of water implies the presence of a community of naiads, without fail, and those who have gone looking inevitably have proven this association correct. Do the naiads bring health to the waterway, or are they attracted only to healthy waterways?

A naiad looks something like a combination between a human and a fish - with scales instead of skin, gills on their necks, and great fins attached to their appendages. Describing this in words implies a certain hideousness, but very few observers would describe them as anything but strikingly beautiful. Something about the effortless grace of the lines of their bodies, the powerful muscles of swimmers underneath, and their exquisite faces combine to create exotic elegance.

Naiads are immortal like elves and dwarves, however their lives seem to mirror the tides - periodically they are filled with life and vigor, when at another even interval they can do nothing but hibernate on the sea floor. When the king tide comes, they are the very embodiment of the power of the seas, but during the neap tide they are catatonic.

They are able to use a power they call the Tidal Hum to use oceanic magic. This includes many forms of controlling water, liquids, and seafaring beasts.


Naiads have mostly kept to themselves throughout recorded history. There are cases where they have either helped or hindered sailors, but the reasons behind this have never been well understood. The Mariners of Vale are known to bring sacrifices on their more important voyages, creatures of land thrown overboard to appease the creatures of the sea.