Greater God of Time
Symbol: A bronze hourglass
Worshipers: Those Beyond
Saintly Markers: A golden glow, golden hair, perpetual smile, relaxedness
Common Areas of Influence: Kindness, faith, future sight
Traits: Benevolent, forgiving, loving, caring
Empowered Species: Abaoaqus

Habeth was the eighth and final Greater God created and therefore was the final builder of reality. With everything in reality already in place, the final act was to set it all in motion. Habeth created time itself to set the eternal march of reality forwards. He also created the immortal soul within humanoids, and the road for them to join the gods when they die. Habeth is especially revered by scholars and holy people, often by sick and dying people. The Sisters of Vale hold him in particularly high regard.

Although Habeth is still very present in the day-to-day lives of humans, in the last century he has explicitly stated he will grant no further miracles, and refuses to explain why.