God of the Desert
Symbol: Two sand dunes
Worshipers: The Torrid
Saintly Markers: Perpetual sunburn, parched skin and lips, sunbleached sandy hair
Common Areas of Influence: Dryness, the sun, heat, cold, the wind
Traits: Bipolar, vengeful, unknowable, absolute

In Vale and wider Taelmoor, there are very few who know or love Kandorash. Indeed, why think of the God of the Desert when they have no domain in the entire continent? But, in Rodash, which is more than one half desert, Kandorash is almost as important to its residents as The One is. Travel across the continent frequently takes travelers through Kandorash's domain, and, much like the desert itself, a lack of respect given to them can lead to a painful death. By day, the desert is a superheated wasteland, and by night it is cold enough to kill a person. Truly, such a place is dangerous, so to travel in it without Kandorash's blessing is very ill-advised.