Three Faced God

God of Ambiguity and Duality
Symbol: Three masks with different expressions around a triangular prism
Worshipers: Priests of the Three Faced God
Saintly Markers: Two other faces appearing around the head, constantly shifting expressions, the number 3 everywhere to an obsessive level
Common Areas of Influence: Time, speech, choice, decisions
Traits: Mysterious, indecisive, fair, choiceless

A powerful and well known lesser god. Very ambiguous. Represents the "three sides of any coin," essentially a duality with three choices. In every state and action, there is the ability to act, to not act, and also the ability to do both. Even though Habeth created time, the three aspects of it are the Three Faced God's jurisdiction: past, present, and future.

The Three Faced God says that there is no true duality or black and white - there is always a state in between, shades of gray. The god has 3 heads, each face showing a different side of it. Priests of this god are usually contemplative, indecisive, and open to ideas. They are usually extremely persuasive, able to present any argument as a compromise that is beneficial to everyone.

Although the Three Faced God has few direct worshipers, they are nonetheless one of the most powerful of the lesser gods. The concepts it embodies are so central to how humanoids act that almost every humanoid indirectly puts much stock in this god.