Goddess of Medicine and Renewal
Symbol: Three stars around a heart
Worshipers: Mozmera's Hands
Saintly Markers: A calming aura, hands that heal wounds at a touch
Common Areas of Influence: Health, medicine, the spring
Traits: Loving, caring, nurturing

There are few who would not call Mozmera one of the greatest and kindest of the Gods. She has been responsible for any number of miracles: from closing small wounds to bringing the recently deceased back from the dead. As such, her attention is frequently asked for and given to few - with so many different peoples' in the world, there are far too many injured and wounded to all receive her help. What's more, she has apparently had divine clashes with Mortem y Vitae in the past, each disagreeing with when an individual soul should move on. When he was alive, she would also frequently battle with Belgot, as they two are nearly exact opposites. Either way, Mozmera is a Goddess to be revered from a mortals' perspective.