Goddess of Rebirth and Retribution
Symbol: A circular arrow
Worshipers: The Priesthood of Cycles
Saintly Markers: Age that changes from child to elder each day, hair that grows, grays, and falls out each hour
Common Areas of Influence: Crises, crucibles, and other periods of growth
Traits: Nurturing, instructive, vengeful

Ila is well-loved and respected by many, albeit in a careful and cautious way. None wish to actually draw the attentions of Ila, for a visitation means great hardship lies ahead. This is because Ila brings periods of growth and change, but they are never without cost or difficulty. There is a saying amongst the nomadic peoples of Rodash that roughly translates to, "May you avoid Ila's gaze as long as you can, and keep it as shortly as you can." Indeed, even this humble historian has been visited by Ila in his life, and those times were not easy! But, they were what made me into who I am today.