Abaoaqus are the mythological empowered species of Habeth, the Greater God of Time. They are extremely strange creatures that I will be the first to admit I do not come even close to understanding.

Their appearance is ever-shifting, but most commonly resembles a disgusting pile of ooze or a large slug. As such, they are often mistaken for either creature and attacked - the unfortunate instigator in these cases seems to disappear with a pop! Very occasionally, these creatures seem to have a sort of mouth, and are known to speak with humanoids, but just as soon as they do so their mouth disappears again.

Truly, these are the most alien of creatures living on Verden.


What can be said about these strange beings? They seem to drift through the world to some higher pattern that is impossible to recognize, but exists nonetheless. They are nigh invulnerable and are nearly oblivious of, or perhaps uncaring of, the affairs of others.

They seem to have some sort of control over existence itself - which I would speculate has something to do with time. This is no genius assumption, instead it is based upon what little information they have shared.


There is not much to be said of the history with these creatures, except for one exceptional event. Several hundred years ago, an Abaoaqus sought out a scholar and chose to explain itself... to some extent. It was then that we learned of their strange name, of the fact that they are Habeth's empowered species, and that they mean no harm. But those facts were mixed within cryptic and strange wordings that were often reversed or out of order. Perhaps "Abaoaqus" is some mistranslation and it actually means something much more simple, like "freaky slug!"