"What Use Is A Hand, If Not To Help?"

The Sisters are essentially non-magical medicine. This comes down to herbalism, apothecary, barbaric surgery, and midwifery, for the most part. A lot of what they do is not helpful, medieval medicine being what it is. Their membership is traditionally and currently 100% women, hence the name, largely due to their inception as a guild of midwives. They are very powerful, but indirectly so. Any guilds, people, or organizations who get on their wrong side will often find their services withheld or at increased price. They are one of the only places for female empowerment in Vale. When the Melokai and magic were outlawed, they profited greatly. Now they provide the only real way to get healing short from a rare holy miracle.

Founded By: Lady Tabitha, a wealthy noble whose daughter died in childbirth.
Governed By: A democratic body of healers. They are re-elected every 5 years by the membership. Thus, they may not be the most skilled, but are the most charismatic.
Traits: Selfless, grudge-bearing, elitist, influential, discreet, passionate, helpful
Banner: An outstretched hand with healing herbs within
Friends: Freemen
Enemies: None