Empowered Species

After The Eight created reality, they each created and empowered a sentient species to live within it. Because the amount of power each of the Greater Gods holds is equivalent, the total power across all their empowered species is also equivalent. Those that are numerous, such as humanoids, have little more power than a common beast, whereas extremely rare creatures such as dragonkin have massive amounts of power.

The eight empowered species are:

Humans, created by Zeale, Greater Goddess of Arcane
Elves, created by Garruth, Greater God of Life
Dwarves, created by Morum, Greater God of Earth
Dragonkin, created by Krickix, Greater God of Fire
Kirin, created by Syneese, Greater Goddess of Air
Naiads, created by Tellia, Greater Goddess of Water
Lucents, created by Silene, Greater Goddess of Cosmos
Abaoaqus, created by Habeth, Greater God of Time