The most populous continent on Verden, Taelmoor sits just to the north of the other major continent, Rodash. It is dominated by the great city-state Vale, which takes up almost one tenth of the entire continent.

The vast majority of its inhabitants are human, having emigrated to Taelmoor from Rodash more than 3000 years ago. Originally, it was the home of both the Elves (above ground) and the Dwarves (below), but they retreated after a great calamity that occurred at Su'Agat. With Rodash left a desert, it was an easy choice for much of humanity to emigrate to the pristine and now-unoccupied continent of Taelmoor.

By the time Elves and Dwarves began trickling back to the continent 1000 years ago, humans had already made the place their home - there was nothing for the other humanoids to return to. These days, the seat of humanity is Vale, and the seat of Vale is Taelmoor.

Taelmoor's other cities are: Ekwan, Erkwan, the Castle on the Bridge, Borgost, Dusk Glen, and Salt Town.