"To Serve Is To Know"

The Freemen are organized religion, in a mostly selfless way. They view the act of serving another as an emulation of the way the gods created the world, so there is nothing more holy. Chiefly, they worship The One, but they allow worship of all gods, for the most part. They view those who serve The One as being on the path to join Him. Indeed, many of their saints have literally ascended to heaven. Despite viewing servitude as a holy act, they hold a particular hatred for slaves. The act of forced service is an abomination to them. The guild is formed by many sects, but only those who worship The One will ever be in high rank.

Founded By: Beleron The Holy, ruler of ancient Holloch before Vale absorbed it.
Governed By: Those holiest to The One, and a single Mouthpiece of The One. Historically, these leaders often become saints and ascend to heaven. However, this has not happened for 2 centuries as greed has overcome the guild in many ways.
Traits: Holy, humble, persuasive, greedy, bureaucratic, slave-hate, influential, hypocritical
Banner: The One's circle with a man's bowed head within
Friends: The Sisters
Enemies: None