"Power Is In The Shadows"

The criminal underworld. Pretty much every other guild hates them, but is forced to deal with them. They have strangleholds on many markets, and are often secretly hired by the other guilds to do their dirty work. As close to evil as an organization can get, they really are a blight to Vale and the world at large. Initiates are usually brought in as kidnapped child slaves, told they can earn their freedom by doing the guild's jobs. When they do earn their freedom, which usually takes over a decade, they are offered a choice: freedom from the guild or a position as a real Eboncloak. If they choose freedom, they are secretly murdered. Thus, their members usually have a blind brainwashed devotion to the guild, and are often evil themselves. Initiates are always branded by a small tattoo of their banner behind their left ear, both as a declaration of power and for protection. Very few will hurt an Eboncloak. To hire the Eboncloaks, one must know someone; or, it's said they'll find you.

Founded By: Unknown. The guild was formalized in 782.
Governed By: Nobody knows. All orders are secret and are passed to only those who need to know, often in code specific for that message and anonymously.
Traits: Villainous, unscrupulous, evil, self-serving, secretive, potent, omniscient (secrets)
Banner: A mask, a dagger, and a cloak behind both
Friends: None, but they have worked with the Melokai
Enemies: Everyone, except the Melokai. Especially the Stoutsmen and Magnates.