"The Right To Rule Is Given"

Theoretically, the Magnates rule all other guilds. They control the laws and the courts, and many of their leaders are descendants of the royal Natine family of ancient Vale. Thus, they occupy the old palace and have the only true court. They are in many ways the least powerful guild, since they have very little real power. They cannot enforce their laws if the Stoutsmen do not do it for them. Their wealth comes from taxes that the Free Traders and Mariners could choose not to give them. However, they know how to appear untouchable and hold the illusion of power, just like the kings before them. They are also valued as mediators between the guilds, their opinion usually being accepted.

Founded By: Lonan Natine, king of ancient Vale just after its conquest of its neighbors
Governed By: Birthright. Their leaders are called Natine's, and all are direct descendants of Lonan Natine. There are now hundreds in that bloodline.
Traits: Elitist, snoody, opulent, full of hot air, easily offended, puppets, selfish, extravagant, respected, quarrelsome, internally unstable
Banner: A crown
Friends: Stoutsmen, Free Traders, Mariners
Enemies: Eboncloaks, themselves