"Loyalty. Honor. Might."

The Stoutsmen are the military of Vale. As such, they hold great power and influence. Any formalized wielding of weaponry or physical force is under their jurisdiction. They remain for the most part non-corrupt, but hold their beliefs stubbornly and thus do not always have the "right" opinion or do what would be deemed moral. Most notably, they are the main pushers of the extinction of the Melokai.

Founded By: Ordoan Malta, the ruler of ancient Jeldron when it was conquered.
Governed By: A small ruling body of generals. For the most part, the organization follows military rank. Most leaders remain leaders for their entire lives.
Traits: Stubborn, traditional, honorable, anti-magic, anti-faith (secular), efficient, organized, conservative
Banner: a gauntleted fist
Friends: Magnates, Mariners
Enemies: Melokai, Eboncloaks