"Quality Is Our Difference"

Skilled laborers. Builders, smiths, masons, carpenters, etc. They are a less powerful guild than many, but they still have enough clout to control significant revenues. Any time a project needs experts, the Artisans will be called. They know thousands of trade secrets that are taught to only a few. If anyone reveals any of them, they are expelled from the guild and anyone who hires them becomes blackballed from all future labor. Thus, they have been responsible for many brilliant men facing poverty and death. Also as a result, pretty much any superior gear that isn't foreign was created by the Artisans. Ruled by a hierarchy - each trade has a complex master-apprentice chain, from the Master all the way down to the lowliest apprentice. The Masters convene to set prices and discuss guild matters. The moment their peers think they are no longer the best in their field, they are pushed down the hierarchy. Thus, many secrets are never shared, ensuring a Master's permanent rule. Many Masters have gone down in history as legends, and their incredible techniques have died with them.

Founded By: Braun Prannot, a blacksmith of incredible skill that still has seen no rival.
Governed By: The group of Masters.
Traits: Precise, deliberate, secretive, distrustful, quality enforcing, experts
Banner: A hammer and chisel
Friends: Free Traders
Enemies: None