Often viewed as the most vain and hedonistic city in the entire world, Elohassi is truly a place of lust and sinful pleasures. It is a city of sex, slavery, parties, wine, revelry, and massive wealth disparity. It's the main consumer of slaves in the entire world. Most of these slaves are purchased, but many are captured from Shalabash as prisoners of war. Elohassi tends to undermine rules that Shalabash sets, viewing them as overly concerned with conservatism, and this is often what leads war to erupt anew. For the common traveler, Elohassi can be extremely treacherous - slave-catchers roam the city, looking for any who don't have a bed to sleep in at night. They are allowed by law to sell anyone into slavery that they find sleeping on the streets, night or day. As a result, innocents are often sold - unless one has connections or is part of a caravan, Elohassi should be avoided.