Shalabash is one of the two major powers in Rodash, and aside from Vale has the strongest and most well-organized military in the world. Their nearby rival, Elohassi, is the only reason that Shalabash is not a majorly influential world power - their influence instead is only within the northern half of Rodash. They are a city high in honor and military tradition, with a glorious history of many battles and victories. Being a solider is the greatest honor there, such that children - boys and girls alike - are trained for the military from a young age, and physical prowess is prized above all else. Those that are deformed or crippled are left in the cold to die. As such, Shalabash can often be overwhelmingly conservative, rigid and unyielding, a place that stifles creatives and free thinkers. The city earns most of its wealth by providing protection for caravans and trade ships, and charging a tax for their services. They have been on and off again at war with Elohassi for 6 centuries and are currently under a shaky armistice. Shalabash is also the only city in Rodash that makes slavery illegal - it is a common destination for runaway slaves (although they are then forced into the army). In terms of law, they generally follow in Vale's footsteps - magic is illegal here, on pain of death.