God of Disease
Symbol: A cloud of flies
Worshipers: The Desecrated
Saintly Markers: Leprosy, tentacle growths, swarms of flies, permanent rot, stench
Common Areas of Influence: Disease, rot, suffering
Traits: Sadistic, evil, cunning

One of the most hated gods amongst both humans and the other gods, Belgot is one of the very few that could be described as "evil" and is therefore one of the Forbidden Gods. Almost no other gods are as one-sided and malignant as Belgot. Belgot thrives in the suffering and festering of all life, not wishing for them to die but for them to be taken over by by the plagues that are his creation. Change all life to be a festering wound, in Belgot's image! Due to the sheer horridness of Belgot, there are very very few worshipers of him in polite society. Those who claim to are generally telling tall tales and do not truly worship him. Despite this, Belgot remains extremely powerful, drawing his control from the suffering and disease that he bestowed upon the world.

And yet, 200 years ago, Belgot and all disease in the world disappeared. This was a great boon for humanity. No longer would a simple cut get infected and cause death. Rot ceased to exist, drastically reducing decay of all things.

One of the great questions in religious lore is the reason for Belgot's absence. Never before has a god and its nature so completely disappeared. My research into the matter has led me to what is, I'm quite certain, the correct answer. Three separate auguries have informed me that Belgot is dead, struck down and killed by one of the Greater Gods. What's more, this apparently occurred at the behest of a man!

But like all dead gods, he can never truly die - it's only a matter of time before he crawls his way back into the world, and brings horrible disease and pestilence with him.