Vale Geography

Vale dominates the southwestern coast of Taelmoor, covering approximately 200 square miles in geographic area. Once, this large area was all part of the Wyndor river delta, fertile and mostly flat land. Over the centuries, the arable land has been paved and the river has been covered, until the current day where none of the former delta is above ground.

Each mile of Vale's great border is protected by massive walls of varying thickness. At their smallest along the ocean cliffs, they are 10 feet thick and 50 feet high, and at their largest around the gates they are 25 feet thick 100 feet high. To the north and east is land, and to the south and west are the cliffs.

The inside of the city is divided into 6 districts, which are in turn divided into many smaller sub-districts. Each of the 6 districts are separated by another wall, all between 5 and 10 feet thick and 30 feet high. These districts roughly represent the 6 ancient cities of the Wyndor river basin that Vale eventually conquered and united.