Innate Magic

There are many creatures and beings throughout Verden that have a magical nature. Simply by existing, they channel divine chaos through the cracks in reality and create effects akin to sorcery.

Because it is so closely connected to beasts, innate magic is often referred to as "wild magic," but it is not exclusively tied to creatures. Indeed, our friends the elves and dwarves are always imbued with some amount of innate magic, and many thousands of humans throughout the years have demonstrated some amount of this as well.

In humans, innate magic might manifest as an unusual knack - having un uncanny ability to understand animals, being able to pick any lock, or any other number of interesting abilities. Where the individual talents of humans end and innate magic begins is often a matter of debate.

Elves have a type of innate magic driven by Garruth that connects them to nature and life around them. Because of this, they are the world's greatest gardeners, and are able to do incredible things with the wild world around them.

The innate magic of dwarves is similarly granted by Morum, and connects them powerfully to the earth and Verden itself. They are able to travel through the earth as if it were water, shape stone into beautiful and incredible works, and can enter the "sunkensleep" in order to recover from any wounds.