Desolate Tower

The Desolate Tower is a great hulking monolith of basalt that floats menacingly above the southern walls of the city. As a historian, I try to avoid subjective statements like "menacingly", but... dear reader, if you have yet to see the monstrosity, you will see why it is nothing but an objective thing I say.

More than a century ago, the Melokai called this the "Lonely Tower", and it was where they did the most intricate and dangerous experiments of magic and science. It is for exactly this reason that they chose to magically suspend it a safe distance from the city - if something were to go wrong then the innocents of Vale would not be harmed... or so they thought.

The tower earned its new name when it caused The Desolation - a horrific incident where a beam of light blasted from the tower and destroyed the entire Magic Quarter in one great explosion. Thousands upon thousands perished, and it was due to this accident that the current era of the Inquisition began.

Today, the tower still floats, and remains completely inaccessible. Many of the bravest among us (or dare I say, most foolhardy) over the years and tried to enter, but the great monolith has yet to reveal its secrets.