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Taelmoor is a cooperative narrative adventure game played with both physical board game pieces and a free scan-and-play mobile app. Working together, you and your friends explore dungeons and underground lairs, talk to the strange denizens within, and sometimes fight them. Download the app, assemble your party, and jump into one of the ten included scenarios!

How to Play

A game of Taelmoor played with tiles, standees, card and a miniature

You and your party take turns exploring a growing map as each scenario unfolds. Scan anything to interact with it, but beware traps and monsters along the way! The mobile app acts as guide, storyteller, and bookkeeper, explaining the consequences of your actions and what your next options might be. Work together with your party to defeat your enemies and complete the narrative.

The Rulebook

Work on Taelmoor did not stop when the pieces were printed, and that includes our rulebook! Although printed versions of the rules remain mostly accurate, there have been some small updates. You can always find a list of changes and up-to-date digital rules on this page.

Digital Rules

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Two goblins from the game Taelmoor

Taelmoor was successfully funded in an August 2021 Kickstarter campaign, started shipping to backers in November 2022, and is now available to the general public. Buy today and join the adventure yourself!

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Box Contents

The complete set of Taelmoor pieces

Each box contains a variety of reusable room tiles, item tokens, and character standees. The ten included digital scenarios use these pieces to tell an interactive sword-and-sorcery story.

  • 6 class cards
  • 21 double-sided map tiles
  • 20 character standees
  • 50 circular item tokens
  • 96 combat cards (16 per character)
  • 7 door tiles
  • 7 passage tiles
  • 6 quick reference cards
  • 1 party inventory card
  • 1 party miniature
  • 1 rulebook


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Taelmoor is a passion project crafted with love by a small indie studio. Supplies are limited! Do not sleep on this game or you may miss your chance.

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The complete set of Taelmoor pieces